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You need a Web Application? We create them for a living.

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You need a Web Application? We create them for a living.

At egonoid, we create web apps that are accessible without installation from every smartphone, tablet or desktop with an internet connection.

We develop projects in small steps to show you daily progress. That way we can adjust our development to your feedback to get the result you imagined.

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agility. technology. results.

In theory, we prefer to practice. But most projects burn a lot of resources, time and money before being even approved. That's why we recommend benefiting from our technological experience to realize the first prototype of your idea, as soon as possible. From there on you have something to work with, get your hands on and learn from. With that result, you have something to present to others before planning the next steps.

Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have the unmatched advantage of being accessible from smartphones, tablets, and desktops without installing something from an app store first. They fit naturally in digital workflows, where you share links via email or messengers (WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook, etc.). With modern web browsers, they also provide offline-capabilities, camera access, GPS and notifications. And you can put an app shortcut to the home screen, just like you do for native apps.


Modern cloud providers take care of the complex hardware infrastructure that is necessary to provide digital services. That keeps maintenance at a minimum so that instead we can focus on implementing new features for you. By only paying for active service consumption, your needs can grow with actual business and customer demands. That's a huge plus compared to upfront costs for physical servers that you manage on your own.


Paying and getting paid digitally is the foundation for modern e-commerce businesses. Customers want to make their payments via well-known providers with current security systems. And businesses wish to offer products and services that they can charge for via a one-time fee or a monthly/yearly subscription model. That's why we implement trusted payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree for invoicing via credit or debit cards.

Artificial Intelligence

Some people may be scared by AI, but it hasn't always to be a Skynet supercomputer that aims to destroy mankind. Instead, we use it to discover data patterns to engage customers by showing their potential next actions. And it's comforting to have a well-trained system to support your business decisions, too. Manual predictions of churn risks, business opportunities or optimization potentials are hard over time. Especially in an ever-growing user base, therefore automation is critical.


The backbone for most modern applications is data. And that has to be stored somewhere. What's challenging about it, is to find the right mixture of speed, data integrity, and preparation for following systems. So, whether you have to manage master-data, business events or user interactions: we'll be happy to determine the right kind of database storages with you.


A professional software-system has to be operated, monitored and maintained by professionals. Of course, your customers will tell you that a service is broken, a transaction is stuck or that your company-website has been hacked. But it's more trustworthy if you discovered it proactively and a fix is already on its way. To solve issues in production as fast as possible, we offer a DevOps approach to our customers, where the developers of a system are responsible for the operations, too.

Buzzword Section

Not bored yet? Do you want to know about the nasty little details of our technology stack? Fine.

Of course, we are developing state of the art web applications with the latest technologies. Our Cloud providers of choice are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. We utilize numerous of their proven building blocks like EC2, S3, Lambda, Relational Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server), Dynamo DB, Cosmos DB, Queues, Topics, Subscriptions, Scheduling, etc. to build modern application architectures for you.

Regarding software development, we create applications & REST/GraphQL API's with JavaScript (plain, ES6, TypeScript), React, React Native, Node.js, HTML5, Sass and thousands of build tools and utilities like webpack, Babel, Gulp, npm, yarn.

But we would never add something to that, just because it's fancy. Instead, we choose from these criteria:

  • is mature & proven
  • broad community support
  • provides fast results

And here are some nicely drafted logos from the technologies we are working with:

Still, need more information about our specific fit to your technology stack? Just get in touch with us.


Tim Hoffmann

Tim is an entrepreneur and software engineer who got his master’ degree in information systems on end-to-end encryption for healthcare services.

After his studies, he worked three years as a freelance software engineer for companies throughout Germany. Due to his entrepreneurial mindset, he grew himself from a freelance software engineer to an all-rounder in digital business models.

His passion for travelling, e.g. with his self build VW Van, forces him frequently to leave his comfort zone and keeps him curious.

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Andreas Hoffmann

Andreas has been into professional software projects since the late 1990's; using a variety of technologies to create websites, services, and apps from concept stage to production.

Nowadays as an entrepreneur, he focuses on building intrinsically motivated teams that love to get his ideas realized.

He also shares his experiences by writing, speaking, and coaching regularly.

egonoid bei der Arbeit